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Okke Hansen

Principal/Advisor - AFA, CFA Claritas, IB I.T. Nat-Cert Fin Services (Level 5), Adviser Link.

Okke Joined RFP in 2004 and is responsible for Private client wealth & risk

management strategies as part of RFP’s comprehensive advice process for clients.

Since beginning in 2004 he has maintained both internal and external mentorship

and insight from various Executives world wide to maintain and further his knowledge

on Advisory & Investment markets and their behaviour.

“Having worked alongside one of the worlds most respected boutique commodity

managers & the ability to gain varying perspectives is something I have truly been blessed to have.

In the end it is the clients that benefit, of course investment markets are always forward thinking, sometimes longer than most can fathom, it is for this reason I also must be forward thinking in my approach.”

Laura Hansen

Principal/Advisor – AFA, CFP, Dip Bus (Massey)

Laura is the Co-Founder of RFP and has been responsible for the firms robust advice

process, investment philosophy & risk management strategies. Since 1993 she has

provided comprehensive Financial Planning for many of her clients.


Laura Hansen is a well known financial educator in Auckland.  She has taught over

14,000 people at her "Successful Money Management Seminar" series since 1990.

Laura has been acclaimed for her specialty in enlightening retirees

(and those about to retire) as well as the often neglected female retirees all of whom

need to know how to protect their principal and ensure that their money lasts throughout

their lifetime.


Laura is also author of the book "Unlocking the Secrets of Financial Success",

many seminars and published articles all of which have dealt with the time-honoured

sense strategies for maximising personal wealth.  In addition, "Financial Strategies

for Successful Retirement" and the 10 hour "Successful Money Management Seminar"

have been presented at Canterbury University, Auckland University of Technology,

Gough Gough & Hamer and Amcor Kiwi Packaging.


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