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Private Wealth

RFP has been providing a comprehensive goal based wealth management service since its inception and this concept has lead to the core client base remaining with the firm to this day. We built this foundation on trust; and all relationships in life tend to grow from this one key trait. To form a professional partnership with us means a secure environment from day one and an on-going comprehensive approach to your wealth management.

 Knowledge is wealth

The more we know about you the better we are able to tailor specific requirements that meet your situation. What are your personal goals? What in life are you most passionate about? What are your financial and personal aspirations in life? How do you perceive and tolerate risk? We are focused on knowing as much of this personal information as possible as it will reveal the broader picture of how our solutions could fit best.

 Opportunities outside the box

Our approach to wealth management is unique. We believe in alternative asset classes not widely known by New Zealanders and how they can be diversified with more common traditional assets to gain correlations in portfolios that can assist in the short and long term. No person is cut from the same mould, nor are our solutions, so we make sure our investment principles can be utilised for each and every private wealth client’s unique situation.


Resource Financial Planning

A premier Auckland based financial advisory firm focused on Private Wealth & Risk Management services for discerning clients & business institutions.


Combined 39 Years experience utilising the latest technology, research & time tested holistic methodologies to assist clients with their financial goals.


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